How to get clear skin in 3 steps

Ugh, acne! Every single boy and girl out there in the world have it. Granted, some have it better than others,  but it’s still a pain to deal with.

I’ve never had terrible acne, but ive had my fair share and more of acne and random, annoying little pimples that seem to always come when I have a big event coming up. I use to have acne all the time, one or two there, more when it was “that time of the month. ” Until I started doing these things, seriously changed my skin, legit.


  1.  DRINK WATER- honestly can’t stress how important water is for your body. If you drink as much as you’re supposed to, not only will it give you more energy, but also improve your mood. The normal is drinking eight 8 ounce glasses a day, I usually try to drink more if at all possible. Ever since then, combined with the other steps, I have noticed my skin seems healthier and I rarely get acne and when i do, its one and it’s not bad.
  2. COCONUT OIL- God bless coconut oil. I got it cause if you eat a tablespoon before every meal it helps you lose weight. While researching the other uses of it, I found out you could use it to wash your face-and it works. It literally takes my makeup completely off. I just warm it up under hot water, and mix it with that water, and swipe with a cloth. And in just a week I noticed a huge difference in my skin, not only did it feel hydrated, it was clear. I havent had bad acne breakouts since i started using that. Actually, i rarely ever get acne anymore. Definitely recommend giving this a try, because im never going back to normal face wash.
  3. EXFOLIATE- Some girls do this twice in a day, but I never do that. I have pretty sensitive skin and that irritates it sooo much. I exfoliate usually 4-5 times a week. It gets rid of dirt, unnecessary oils, causing acne and blackheads to cease to exist.

Give these 3 steps a try and tell me if they work for you! Keep in mind this isn’t for people with extreme acne, just for people with minor acne problems looking to get rid of it. Youre beautiful, always remember that:)



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