All about being confident

IMG_9788Confidence, something LITERALLY everyone struggles with. Whether you think you’re too fat, too skinny, too tall, or too short, confidence is a struggle every single boy and girl goes through. For me, I’ve always considered myself a confident girl. However, looking back now I notice that I would go home, look in the mirror and tell myself ,”You need to lose weight.” At school, I would dread having to go up in front of the class to do presentations or work out problems cause I didn’t want people to look at me. We’re all jealous of that “super-confident” girl that doesn’t seem to have any flaws, the girl we wish we could be. But what we don’t realize, is that same girl is going home telling herself all the things she needs to fix.

Ugh! Confidence is tricky. If you have too much you’re considered “conceited”. If you have too little you’re “insecure”.  I wish I could tell every single girl (or boy) to stop comparing themselves to other people because we are all beautiful in our own way.

Now, how to be confident? It’s suprisingly simple. Lots of people struggle with body image. Think you’re too fat? Workout, eat healthy, and realize God gave you that gorgeous body of yours, be happy with it! Look in the mirror every morning and say “Hey gorgeous,” and just tell yourself how good today is going to be and smile. I know, sounds silly but trust me, this will not only make you feel so much better about yourself but also put you in a good mood. Own your curves, and own the curves you don’t have. We’re all beautiful, we just need to start realizing it.

The picture above is me at a Beyoncé concert in 2016. My friend and I went outside our hotel and took pictures so we could have something to post for Queen B’s concert. I looked at this picture and at my first glance, I loved it! But as i stared at it, I began to feel insecure about my legs, arms, hair, face, even my outfit. I sent it to my mom, because you know how moms are “Send me pictures honey!” She replied back with a “GORGEOUS! Post it!” I told her I didn’t want to  because I didn’t like the way my legs looked, my hair, makeup,etc. What she sent back to me changed my view of the way I look at myself. She replied, “Those are the thing I thought looked the best!” That not only put a smile on my face but made me realize that what you may look at as “ugly” or “unattractive’, someone else will think of that as the most beautiful thing in the world.

First blog post done! I wrote this kind of quick so be expecting lots more post that are better! I hope this helps anyone struggling with confidence. You’re super hot, own it!



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